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With season two of the best new food and travel show on the block underway on PBS, check out Family Ingredients' new Community Toolkit for fun and informative activities, discussion questions, online resources, and delicious recipes from season two!

Each episode features a guest who introduces a memory dish or favorite family recipe, which also includes an exciting new Pacific Rim destination, like Hawaii, Tahiti, California, Okinawa, Vietnam, the Phillipines, and more...

Family Ingredients is produced by Rock Salt Media, with support from PBS Hawai'i, Pacific Islanders in Communications and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Click here to download the Electronic Press Kit for Family Ingredients.

Impact Media Partners LLC is your one-stop shop for communications,  audience engagement, and media consulting services. Our team offers decades of experience in media promotion, engagement and distribution management, high-level non-profit strategy and leadership, corporate communications, and a strong network of skilled professionals around the country in media production, education, community engagement, publicity, and more. 

News & Projects

IMP is excited to be supporting WHYY's signature arts series with publicity and marketing services for its new season of Articulate, premiering in October 2017.

Please review the electronic press kit below and the season two press release  for more information.

Articulate believes that art is for everyone, that creative expression is a basic human need, and that culture tells us who we are....

As such, we approach artists as deep thinkers and doers who both reflect, and help shape, our understanding of the world.



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IMP is proud to present engagement materials for the documentary feature film John Lewis: Get in the Way, which premiered on PBS during Black History Month 2017. The new materials are funded by Black Public Media.

The new materials, which include standards-aligned lesson plans for high school (with extensions for community college and ladders to middle school), complete with classroom handouts and activities, alongside a community Discussion Guide that pairs thoughtful discussion questions with deep-dive essays that connect the Civil Rights Movement to its historical and global contexts, and to its continuing relevance today.

While writers Syreeta McFadden, Dr. Valerie Hunt (Seattle Central Community College), and Dr. Roni Amit (Hofstra University) explore the Civil Rights Movement, IMP's lead education writer, Caits Meissner presents four standards-algined lesson plans that include critical aspects of democracy, media, leadership and civic participation.