In the aftermath of the most bitter and surprising election in recent memory, many Americans are left to wonder where they fit into a nation that is both divided and uncertain. It has been suggested by some that there are at least two Americas “ours” and “theirs”, and that race is one defining aspect of this divide.

Do you know which America you live in?

Can you see the “other America” from where you sit?

To accompany the film, Impact Media Partners LLC is spearheading a community engagement campaign to leverage this unique story as a vehicle for helping our communities to see each other, and to better understand our respective challenges.  We hope to focus on three broad areas:

  • Otherness in America: What does it mean to grow up as a minority in America?
  • Cultural Appropriation: Is there a whitening of minority achievements in America?
  • Building Community: How to build diverse coalitions in support of community goals?

 IMP will be engaging a range of community-based organizations, public sector agencies and public televisions stations to create a campaign worthy of Acosta’s unique character and this extraordinary historical moment.

We invite your participation!

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Dennis Palmieri



1972 "Rolling Stone" ad for Acosta's "Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo"

Oscar "Zeta" Acosta and Hunter S. Thompson

Filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez on the set of "Brown Buffalo"

Desiree Gutierrez

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Oscar "Zeta" Acosta

Campaign poster, 1970 run for Los Angeles             County Sheriff

A library of Hunter S. Thompson's work for "Rolling Stone" from the magazine's archive


IMP will lead a CPB-funded national community engagement campaign for the film for the new film by veteran producer Phillip Rodriguez, "Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo" (working title). The campaign will include including grant-funded partnerships with PBS stations, national and local community partnerships, events and and educational resources.         "Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo" is expected to broadcast in mid-2017 on public television.

Acosta was an American attorney, politician, novelist and activist in the Chicano Movement. He was most well known for his novels Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo  (1972) and The Revolt of the Cockroach People (1973), and his friendship with American author Hunter S. Thompson.