In May of 1974, Oscar Zeta Acosta disappeared off the Pacific Coast of Mexico and was never heard from again. Immortalized as the “300-pound Samoan” Dr. Gonzo in Hunter S. Thompson’s cult novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the 39-year- old Acosta had already left an enviable legacy: two critically praised novels, a high-profile turn as lead attorney for LA’s Chicano movement, a quixotic run for L.A. County Sheriff, and innumerable feats of radical activism-performance art.

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo rescues Acosta from obscurity, exploring the man’s personal and creative evolution against the backdrop of a society in turmoil, laying bare his brilliance, his contradictions, and his unique contribution to American society.

The film premieres March 23, 2018 at 9:00 pm Eastern on PBS, as a special presentation of LPB's "Voces." 

IMP is coordinating an engagement campaign that will support dozens of local community organizations to step up their presence with community open houses and hyper-local screenings.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with a range of stations including PBS SoCal, KQED, KLRN, Valley PBS, New Mexico, and KCOS in Oscar's hometown of El Paso, TX. The campaign is funded by CPB and the film is supported by CPB and Latino Public Broadcasting, among others. 

Materials and plans for events will be published soon!

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Phillip Rodriguez' "Brown Buffalo" Brings Oscar "Zeta" Acosta to PBS



In collaboration with the City of West Hollywood and WORLD Channel's #WORLDxBHM campaign, IMP is proud to present a special screening of  "John Lewis: Get in the Way" at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers on February 21--the congressman's birthday--FREE!

The screening launches IMP's new Community Perspectives Film Series, which will include at least 5 more titles over the coming months, in collaboration with the City Of West Hollywood's Human Rights Speakers Series. 

Filmmaker Kathleen Dowdy and producer Charles Floyd Johnson will join other panelists for a discussion of the film and Lewis' career.

Admission is FREE, but reservations are required. RSVP HERE FOR YOUR TICKETS!

John Lewis: Get in the Way aired February 2nd on WORLD Channel, as part of their Black History Month lineup. Learn More about WORLD's #WORLDxBHM campaign now!

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With four fantastic premieres on "America Reframed," WORLD Channel is offering a stellar line-up of programming for Black History Month.

IMP and WORLD are proud to  preset the #WORLDxBHM campaign and the Black History Month Social Activity Toolkit and Community & Viewer Discussion Guide.

Throughout February IMP will be coordinating social media activities and engagement with stations and community groups in select markets across the country, in support of the WORLD Channel's month-long campaign, #WORLDxBHM.