Impact Media Partners LLC is a full-service communications agency,  with specialty in audience engagement and media consulting services. We are proud to provide corporate communications services to non-profit organizations; publicity and marketing services to independent film and media projects;  engagement and distribution services for public television programs and organizations, and so much more.

IMP is your one-stop shop for building a dream-team to support your project. Our team offers decades of experience in media promotion, engagement and distribution management, high-level non-profit strategy and leadership, corporate communications, and a strong network of skilled professionals around the country in media production, marketing, education, community engagement, and more. ‚Äč

Services and Pricing

Every project is unique, and every client is special. Please contact us about your needs and we'll work with you to develop a budget, timeline, and payment plan that works for you.

Impact Media Partners LLC offers service that include the following:

  • Community Engagement Campaigns
  • Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Production Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Representation and Management in Public Television 
  • Corporate Communications Services
  • Event Planning and Production 
  • Educational Materials Design and Production (standards-aligned and PBS Learning Media friendly)
  • Community Engagement and Promotional Materials Production
  • Strategic Campaign and Project Design
  • IMP Specialized Services for Producers 
  • NEW! Online Social Screenings via the   OVEE platform

IMP Pricing Models, Retainers, and Flat-Rate Services:

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